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Another man in Brampton I met with the same Given name as myself and my reaction to it.

In search of a rensidential rental place on 11/29/2023 I got connected to a man with similar man as myself. I went to see the place on 11/30/2022 in the morning, he opened the door, invited me inside which I accepted, after hearing his name my reaction was that this could create a confusion that which Khalid was owner (receiving the rent) and which Khalid was tenant (paying the rent). He referred me to his son "Faisal" who showed me the basement room, but his asking monthly rent was nearly twice as much as OW social assistance authorized rent amount, so it was not materialized. In the past in Hamilton I used to ask to the property owners when looking for a place that if there was anyone before by the same name { Khalid Mahmood } lived as tenant or owner at the property. Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

my demand - immediately, Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

This person should contact me immediate fir this room rental, I need this for rentjng in November unitl the end of the month and onwards. Posted 11/24/2022

This person should immediately contact me for this room rental in Nov unitll the end of month and onwards. please call 289 990 6590  Posted 11/24/2022 Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

Who is this Sarah on Kijiji please immediately contact me for the rental. Posted 11/24/2022

who is this Sarah on Kijiji, I want to rent this room. Please immediately contact me at 289-990-6590 , I tried to send a message on Kijiji did not go through. Please help and respond. I will rent immediatly. Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561230 ph:(289)990-6590

A good reminder. Age is one of the invisible disabilities.


A decoration tree at Brampton BEC as was seen on Nov 23 of 2022

Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

PC financials referral program

Check out PC Financial. Visit and explore their products, make sure you use my referral code when signing up: KM39607384, and apply here: Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

My thoughts for those who are negatively motivated to bring others down to feel good and victorious (perhaps due to ego issue)

when you have the urge to bring others diwn to achieve your goals, considers this that it is nit always necessary. There are situations where such people should have the ability to step up to the occasion (meaning to go up) to achieve their low level goals. example. To fuel a plane to bring the plane diwn to land anf fuel or you can fly high and fuel up in the air, which one is better. There are many other such examples. Something to think about. it is not always healthy neither required to bring others down. It is just that immature people do not know the alternate methods. Only educated people would understand these things. Illiterate people will always bring others down to their level to feel victorious (a negative approach). I posted about this earlier as well that people who were artifically highy can be brought down by treatment, but those who have a high base line can not be brought down below their base line. Do something positive instead of negative. published by {Khalid Mahmo

An Urgent request - Attention Emirates Airlines. posted November 21 of 2022

(Emirates Airlines reservation EK 242) (Saudi Airlines) (air Canada). A urgent message to Emirates airlines to issue a complimentary ticket on this flight due to my emergency situation. I have been forced out of my residential place of over five years in Hamilton. I have sheltered myself in Brampton. For over 150 days and nights I have been without a place of my own. I will pay the travel cost after I get my pay cheque from my contracts work in Dammam Saudi Arabia. a request issued by {Khalid Mahmood} in Brampton ON Canada. I am 66 years of age and I am a member of FCCC senior centre. my phone number is 289-990-6590

Two notes of Referrals written by FCCC Seniors Centre to Wilkinson Shelter for the past weekend i.e. nights of Nov 11, 12 and 13 - and discharge notices. posted Nov 14 of 2022

Katie Smith's note #1  Katie Smith's Note#2. I was told in October to give me a dischrage as of November 1 and to leave the shelter, I complied, two nights later I approached the NDPLC and described my situation, after a fresh intake by Francibe Mossris I was assigned bed #10 in Dorm Room #1. Few days later again Kemi called me fir a meeting and told me to grab my stuff and leave on Wednessday Nov 09 (after Jaspal Singh had terminated the kease on the same day on November 07 just after one night so at this point I had no place to return to)., I complied. Two more sleepless nights. So I was already on discharge from before. On Friday November 11 of 2022 I passed by the FCCC senior center and spoje to Isabella a senior staff about my situation at the Shelter abd discagrge. She gave me a referral slip Note #1 which written by Katie Smith. Sobthe referral was because of the previous discharge notices from the shelter. So I was at the shelter fir friday night

A Request to Govt of Canada and Seniors Council in Canada - Urgent matter posted Nov 14 of 2022 Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

I am FCCC (Flower City Community Complex) in Brampton on 11/14/2022 since 09h00 - I am available here most of the day.

Latitude: 43.67124 Longitude: -79.76968 Altitude: 222 m Accuracy: 15 m My GPS coordinates on November 14 of 2022 around 09h30 at FCCC in Brampton Canada. Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561230 ph:(289)990-6590

A list of houses given to me by Kemi Housing worker at the Wilkinson Shelter. Posted dated November 13 of 2022.

Image one of the houses at Algonquin St. told me that they rent to students only. - Wilkinson Shelter should use their staff or volunteers to cleanup such lists before handing out to their guests/clients who need rental housing. - - - - Published by  Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

Attention Housing needs Authorities Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

Another rental - SCAM, misleading advertisement.

misleading advertisement. I went to view it on November 07 of 2022 around 16h30. I was told this rent $400 was per person  for two person in a room. Two strangers in a room can ve very dangerous. You never know who the other person would be. Room is small can not accommodate two beds.  Published by  {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

RENTAL LEASE SCAM ALERT POSTED NOVEMVER 07 OF 2022 Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

Attention: Minister and Ministry of Seniors affairs. Another incident of abuse against a senior in Brampton at 95 Banting Crescent Ontario L6Y 2L9. To avoid such housing problems I am requesting the Canadian Govt. to issue a plane ticket for me so that I go back to my previous residency of 1993 in Saudi Arabia. More details on my website

This refers to the document shown below. Jaspal Singh sogned avlease agreement with me on November 06 of 2022 asked for $50 , I paid him $40.00 as deposit around 19h00 at 95 Banting Crescent. In that meeting it was agreed that by noon time I will get the rent from OW which I wil pay him by noon time (after deducting $40.00). He also took a picture if my health card. He was adking fir my drivers licence as well. Next morning around 08h30 I went to the Peel building to submit the lease agreement to the case worker to release the rent. On the way back while I was on the bus rout #1, Jaspal Singh called me and said the "guy has come abd I can:t rent to you" I asked him for another room, he said, no. This is extremely dangerous situation that these people create like this that they cancel the lease like this, after asking for deposit. After I slept for one night in the room was effective Nov 07, I went in there with my bag few hours before Nive 07 (I paid a deposit of $4

an urgent clarification requested from the relevant agencies/authorities/officials/departments. posted 11/04/2022 Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

whatsapp link to contact me

Use this link to join my WhatsApp video call:  published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

A recent order slip of my mobile order (at fadt food outlet). Some location give such a slip to customer where as most of them hold this slip. I wonder why ?? I hope they dont use these slips for illegal reasons. Business name "Technical Army" is my own creation, I am the founder and CEO of this Business. Posted 11/04/2022

(Bramalea City Centre location also does not print this order slip. They dont even know what the order was and donot completely fill the order as was experienced on 11/05/2022 around 10h14). One of my recent receipts, for my mobile order. I have noticed that all the locations do not give this slip to me with the order. why ?? what do they do with these slips. if any one finds such slips being used else where must be discarded or returned to me. Please avoid unauthorized and misuses of my assets.  a message by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

Interesting message from facebook.

Interesting message from facebook during my search for a rental place. all responses I got back were "only for girls" or similar in meaning Published by Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590

iTech 2022 at MTCC November 01, 2022 Published by Khalid Mahmood ph:(289)990-6590