Two notes of Referrals written by FCCC Seniors Centre to Wilkinson Shelter for the past weekend i.e. nights of Nov 11, 12 and 13 - and discharge notices. posted Nov 14 of 2022

Katie Smith's note #1 

Katie Smith's Note#2.

I was told in October to give me a dischrage as of November 1 and to leave the shelter, I complied, two nights later I approached the NDPLC and described my situation, after a fresh intake by Francibe Mossris I was assigned bed #10 in Dorm Room #1.
Few days later again Kemi called me fir a meeting and told me to grab my stuff and leave on Wednessday Nov 09 (after Jaspal Singh had terminated the kease on the same day on November 07 just after one night so at this point I had no place to return to)., I complied.
Two more sleepless nights. So I was already on discharge from before. On Friday November 11 of 2022 I passed by the FCCC senior center and spoje to Isabella a senior staff about my situation at the Shelter abd discagrge. She gave me a referral slip Note #1 which written by Katie Smith.
Sobthe referral was because of the previous discharge notices from the shelter.
So I was at the shelter fir friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night (3 nights) because of referral not because of intake.

Monday Nov 14 morning I cane back to the FCCC to do some research and seek some help from the seniors to find a house.
I spoje to Katie Smith about it.
She called Wilkinson Shelter and spoje to them about it and wrote a Note#2.
Which duscharge notice they are talking about in Note#2 because of previous discharge notices there was no intake.

Can some one please clarify.

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