Attention: Minister and Ministry of Seniors affairs. Another incident of abuse against a senior in Brampton at 95 Banting Crescent Ontario L6Y 2L9. To avoid such housing problems I am requesting the Canadian Govt. to issue a plane ticket for me so that I go back to my previous residency of 1993 in Saudi Arabia. More details on my website

This refers to the document shown below. Jaspal Singh sogned avlease agreement with me on November 06 of 2022 asked for $50 , I paid him $40.00 as deposit around 19h00 at 95 Banting Crescent. In that meeting it was agreed that by noon time I will get the rent from OW which I wil pay him by noon time (after deducting $40.00). He also took a picture if my health card. He was adking fir my drivers licence as well.
Next morning around 08h30 I went to the Peel building to submit the lease agreement to the case worker to release the rent. On the way back while I was on the bus rout #1, Jaspal Singh called me and said the "guy has come abd I can:t rent to you" I asked him for another room, he said, no.
This is extremely dangerous situation that these people create like this that they cancel the lease like this, after asking for deposit. After I slept for one night in the room was effective Nov 07, I went in there with my bag few hours before Nive 07 (I paid a deposit of $40.00). He broke the deal and dishonored a sogned document.
I bought my groceries early morning on Nov 07,  all wasted. Same was done at 52 Emerson in Hamilton in 2017. After one night, students cancelled the rental agreement (in 2017 was documented on facebook and my website).

Minister should investigate who are these people. I am not sure if they Canadian rule for renting. What is there status in thus country.

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Khalid Mahmood


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