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HSR buses changing route # while on route

When two HSR buses are on the route back to back in Hamilton may switch their route # number among front and back buses specially if one of the bus is express bus (which stops only on certain designated stops) and other bus is local bus which makes all stops. This manouver became possible because of electronic digital displays to show the rout information. I have seen this happening few times.  Why is it noticeable. Consider the following scenario  When two HSR stops are nearby and can be seen. Example,  Bus route 1 (local bus) stops on previous stop. A bus route 10 (express bus) stops right behind it. So if the bus in front changes (i.e. route 1) suddenly becomes  route 10, will not stop at the next stop because express bus does not make all the stops, bus behind also Will not stop for the same reason. So two buses not stoping at the next stop for the person waiting will be considered bad sign to raise false flags. Data collectors will report buses are not stopping for such and such p

ALERT - AGAIN A.CURTAIN WAS STOLEN FROM THE INSIDE OF MY DOOR #2 AT 671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 on December 15 of 2021 noted at 24h24. it happened between the hours 10h45 and 14h14)

If they need my stuff, why don't they talk to me about it. My handwritten door sign was also stolen with it. If seen elsewhere beware of it and the deception, my ID address has not changed . Stealing my curtains and door signs is an effort by hooligans to make my information wrong and misguide people. Because in my address and my 4 page appeal document I am writing that my Door #2 at my ID address has a curtain. So please beware of it. Don't be confused/misguide by such cosmetic discrepancies/changes in locating me. Hooligans have trying to confuse and misguide people about my location by such techniques. My four page appeal document shows my door has curtain, so by stealing curtain from my door #2 on the upper floor would make my information on this document invalid to confuse people.  When in doubt always confirm with me. I am very easy to reach at (289)990-6590 when I am physically in the local calliing area, voice, text or sms, email at - Best method is in

Discovery (accidental but interesting and usefull) about usbc_ charging/data cables

Recently it was discovered that original full length usbc_ charging/data cables manufactured by companies such as Motorola and Philips do not charge Android 10 phones. Battery screen under setting shows a message that "plugged in but can't charge right now". So the phone detected the cable that it was connected. But did not charge. It was very strange for me. So I decided to manufacture my own short length usbc_ charging (only charging,  no data)  cables like jumper cables and interesting enough it starts charging just fine right away. I made two cables about 6-8 inch long and both worked fine. I have not used these cables for data/sync because I have no such need at present, might work for data/sync, but I have no information. My current need was to use these cables for phone charging. These cables do not charge.  I made my two short cables from my collection of  junk wires and cables stock pile which I did not discard during the past few years, just saved them for some

misc thoughts dated December 13 of 2021

When authorities do not have the ability (or lose the ability) to analyze a situation themselves (or understand someone else's analysis) to make fair, just, honest, unbiased and long lasting decisions to resolve a dispute or a deception than authorities are no more than a pet guarding an infant. (Instead of accepting the truth they just keep on changing the truth to make it look different and to make a fool of people, like parents do for little children, that they play make believe games with children to take the children out of certain frame of mind upset/situations because within few moments when the scene changes children forget what they were whining about before and get busy with some thing else.). To deprive anyone of their legal rights (specially defenceless and helpless ordinary people) by using sophisticated fraud techniques and challenging them by saying "what will you do" (because no one will know and/or no will believe victims) is a serious human rights issue

Why veritaas Alliance was calling me at the end of 2021

Why Veritaas Alliance debt collection agency is calling me in December 2021, I filed bankruptcy in 2007. They get my information from credit reports which I update regularly myself and start contacting me for the very old matters. I did not receive any correspondence/Letter from Veritas Alliance in 2021, perhaps somebody stole it (if it was mailed to the correct address on records of my credit bureaus files) from my letter box or from the mail man on the side walk or from the post office (privileges of being influential, who knows, I have no idea.).  Very strange, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN/INTEREST Published by the undersigned: K HALID  M AHMOOD (KM) (Male) خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, (Door#: 2 with curtain on the upper Floor) Hamilton Ontario L8V 1V3 Canada (correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3). Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – 56 months in December 2021 – I