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ATTN: Office 365 Customer Support

Please beware I have no such subscriptions as shown below in the screenshots. Most like some one else used my email addresses for this purpose so please feel free to discontinue these three subscriptions. I did not subscribe and not under my responsibility. Thank you, by  KHALID MAHMOOD ( m01684340561220 Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3

Technology barrier issue in ICUs (a twitter feed)

I came across this tweet recenly. my thoughts are as follows: (twiter was not accepting my comments for some unknown reasons). One of the many ways to overcome this technogy barriers is to use multiple technlogies in hospital setups not just one type of technology setup in ICUs, so that the new staff from other places can pick n choose which setup they are trained/comfortable with.  or use patient transfer to the hostpitals where expertise / staff is available. or use cross traning on multiple technologies, another way. Another way is not to use technology at all, just do the work the old style way.  just a thought.......,  not enough information about this technology barrier at hospitals. by KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada.

ATTENTION AMAZON USA Regarding shipping #:658-816621-982652

AMAZON USA please beware I did not order any items and I did not make any payment for 658-816621-982652 shipping confirmation number. Please check your records, most likely some one used my Email to process and place the Order. I am a Canadian Citizen and Live in Canada. I have no reason to ship an item within USA. Please update and correct your records and donot use my email as shown in the screenshot. Thanks very much, KHID MAHMOOD (

A foggy morning in Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3

Reduced visibility due to heavy fog around the building where I live in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada as seen around 05h30 AM on April 12 of 2021.

Who is writing these emails - I have NO information - Please do not.

Who ever is sending these emails to me please stop, I have no information what this is about. I have not received any such payments. Please do not use my email address. Perhaps someone is using my email address without my permission. Thank you, KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3

A terrible Day April 11 of 2021

A foggy, rainy and terrible outdoors, day of refuced visibility in Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3. Water dropping from the ceiling in the hallway on the upper floor of 671 was seen, perhaps artificial rain indoors. Trash cans and other type of large size containers were seen used to catch the falling water. by KHALID MAHMOOD ( of Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada m01684340561220

Stay at home Orders by the Provincial Govt. of Ontario April 08 of 2021 updated April 12 of 2021

Second round of stay at home orders in Ontario since the begining of this year. I am not sure this alert would be considered as an order or just a precautiinary reminder not to forget safety measures during spring break for schools. I hope word food implies to groceries as well in this alert. Usually food refers to the restaurant prepared take out or eat in cuisines. (I called 211 for clarification, grocery is essential so is health related activitues and walk etc. Listed activities in the alert is just some guid lines but not limited to only these activities. This is not a cerfew situation. Common sense prevails). I grew up under such orders imposed by my parents when I lived with my parents in Karachi Pakistsn before leaving for Post Graduate higher education in Eidnhoven in 1981 after completing my Engibeering degree program in Katachi in 1980. In some cases such orders were issued during curfew times by the local authorities during war times 1965 between Pakistan and a neighbouring

ATTN: Siemens :: What is wrong with this screen

what is wrong with this screen. what is invalid  ?? by KHALID MAHMOOD (

Computer Software Programms must be ported (modified) for Andoid phones.

Developers and businesses should start planning to convert (to port) and redesign (the displays part of it) all the software programms from Desktop Laptop platforms to android phones platform. Phones have enough memory and processing power. Ordinary applications do not require much computing power anyway. This porting of applications to smaller screens will not change functionality and design of the applications/it will just chnage how the displays are rendered to users and how the responses are captured on the smaller screens. Something to think about. by  KHALID MAHMOOD (

who is trying to get into my facebook and gmail - so many attempts. Refrain from it.