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I need a Volunteer/Trainee urgently to do the following work. Published by {Khalid Mahmood} Ph:(289)990-6590

my physical location on 12/31/2022 around 08h30 (i.e. my ID addaress)

Published by {Khalid Mahmood} Ph:(289)990-6590

Urgent request to Emirates airlines and Other Airlines. posted December 30 of 2022

Please issue a one way emergency ticket to Dammam Saudi Arabia. I will pay the price of the ticket after I get paid my pay cheque from my contracts/work in Saudi Arabia. This is Emeregency situation. More details on my y website Request submitted by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y3J5 Canada

Urgent message for various airlines departing from Toronto YYZ airport posted on December 27 of 2022

This is an emergency message to Emirates airlines to issue a emergency ticket for me, I will pay for it later after I get my pay cheque from my contracts/work in Dammam Saudi Arabia. This is true, this is not fake. A message from {Khalid Mahmood} in Brampton Ontario L6Y3J5. Posted by {Khalid Mahmood} Phone:(289)990-6590

Urgent Attention: Is this real or hoax. I just saw this on YouTube on December 25 of 2022 around 11h20. Does he need help.


Pictures from 1981 taken in Eindhoven at PII. Published by  Khalid Mahmood M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590

a common problem at the Public library in Brampton. dated 12/20/2022 (A library staff called me on December 21 of 2022 around 13h15 to zero in on the issue, he also assured me that print system was completely protected and secure and print outs will not get into wrong hands. good assurance).

This happened again on December 20 of 2022 around 15h15, when a printed documented did not come out of the printer. It has happended few times in the past as well. (This is a paid service for which library cost is 20 cents). Reason could be malicious intents. I printed a pdf one page document received from my OW case worker, one page document was successfully submitted to the printing station (i e. A server attached to the multi function printing machine). However when I selected to print it, it did not come out of the multi function printing machine and disappeared from the queue on the display. As a result of this I had to resubmit it to get a hard copy out of the multi function printing machine.  This is a very unreliable service/system. I hope they don't use it for any negative reason or for false claims or false ownership. Published by {Khalid Mahmood} Ph:(289)990-6590

Another merchant was found in Brampton keeping the customer copy of transaction on December 20 of 2022 updated December 26 of 2022

this merchant in Brampton is keeping the Customer copy of Transaction and not giving the itemised list of purchases. This receipt is just a proof of payment. This receipt does not show what was purchased. KFC located at 9005/9025 (Torbram at Steeles location) also printing the merchant copy of payment transaction to give to the customer as prrof payment (instead of card holder copy). was observed on December 26 of 2022 around 13h58. Published by Khalid Mahmood Ph:(289)990-6590

Clarification about words "Parent Record" in Bob Callahan Senior Centres records.

Word "parent record" in Bob Callahan Senior Centre records refers to the master record which got created because of my registration/membership at the centre in Brampton. It does not refer to any humanly relationships. Published by: {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590

Urgent message - Attention Emirates and other Airlines posted dated 12/15/2022

Please issue a emergency ticket for me on this flight. I will pay the total price for this ticket after I get my pay cheque from my contracts/ work in Dammam Saudi Arabia. A message from {Khalid Mahmood} Ph:(289)990-6590 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y 3J5 Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y3J5

Important message from UN posted December 11 of 2022

Published by Khalid Mahmood ph:(289)990-6590 web:

Cash paid on Dec 02 to my Rent Receiver for move in on Dec 01 of 2022 He was asking $200 more. I offered him my pc master credit card as a security to hold for $200 or charge $200 on my master card as a merchant. Posted 12/02/2022 (Paid by interac/E-Transfer).

Rent was paid as cash because rent receiver did not provide the email address on Nov 30 despite my reminder, so I took the cash (on December 01) with me instead of depositing the rent money in the money to prepare for E-Transfer. On December 01 in the afternoon when I arrived at the house unit was not cleared of the belongings of the previous tenants. Rent receiver said it would take 4 hours for the orevious tenant to remove the stuff. So after around 2 PM I left from the house to go to the FCCC Seniors center. A moving truck and two movers were seen outside the door as I was leaving from the house. When I came back to the house receiver was not available. Shahid came to my room around 10h30 on December 02 and at I decided to pay him cash for rent because it was not feasible to go to the bank to deposit money for E-Transfer. Never mentioned before was CAD$100.00 as security deposit in addition to $500+$500. It would have been foolish to pull out of the rental arrangement on

Another man in Brampton I met with the same Given name as myself and my reaction to it.

In search of a rensidential rental place on 11/29/2023 I got connected to a man with similar man as myself. I went to see the place on 11/30/2022 in the morning, he opened the door, invited me inside which I accepted, after hearing his name my reaction was that this could create a confusion that which Khalid was owner (receiving the rent) and which Khalid was tenant (paying the rent). He referred me to his son "Faisal" who showed me the basement room, but his asking monthly rent was nearly twice as much as OW social assistance authorized rent amount, so it was not materialized. In the past in Hamilton I used to ask to the property owners when looking for a place that if there was anyone before by the same name { Khalid Mahmood } lived as tenant or owner at the property. Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 ph:(289)990-6590