My thoughts for those who are negatively motivated to bring others down to feel good and victorious (perhaps due to ego issue)

when you have the urge to bring others diwn to achieve your goals, considers this that it is nit always necessary.

There are situations where such people should have the ability to step up to the occasion (meaning to go up) to achieve their low level goals.
To fuel a plane to bring the plane diwn to land anf fuel or you can fly high and fuel up in the air, which one is better.

There are many other such examples. Something to think about.

it is not always healthy neither required to bring others down. It is just that immature people do not know the alternate methods.

Only educated people would understand these things. Illiterate people will always bring others down to their level to feel victorious (a negative approach).

I posted about this earlier as well that people who were artifically highy can be brought down by treatment, but those who have a high base line can not be brought down below their base line.

Do something positive instead of negative.

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{Khalid Mahmood}


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