A recent order slip of my mobile order (at fadt food outlet). Some location give such a slip to customer where as most of them hold this slip. I wonder why ?? I hope they dont use these slips for illegal reasons. Business name "Technical Army" is my own creation, I am the founder and CEO of this Business. Posted 11/04/2022

(Bramalea City Centre location also does not print this order slip. They dont even know what the order was and donot completely fill the order as was experienced on 11/05/2022 around 10h14).
One of my recent receipts, for my mobile order. I have noticed that all the locations do not give this slip to me with the order. why ?? what do they do with these slips. if any one finds such slips being used else where must be discarded or returned to me. Please avoid unauthorized and misuses of my assets. 

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{Khalid Mahmood}


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