emergency messagae for KLM from {Khalid Mahmood} in Brampton Ontario, a Philips Scholar of 1981

Please issue an emergency ticket for me at zero dollars price, I will pay the cost of the ticket after I get paid from my contracts work in Dammam Saudi Arabia. This is S-O-S emergency and Dire situation please help me. I am Philips graduate of 1981 class. Requested by {Khalid Mahmood} Former resident of Eindhoven 1981.  M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590

Difference between foldingg cot and bed in the relevant context. as learned on September 17 of 2022 around 23h15 during a bed check.

I learned tonight at bed check time at the shelter in Brampton on September 17 that Dorm #1 has a bunk bed #8. I am in the common area using a folding cot #8 . Not to be confused by the same numbers. Number# 1 to 15 are overlapping beds 1 to 15 (in the dormitory) and folding cots 1 to 15 (in the common area only between 22h00 at night to 07h00 in the morning). They should number folding cots from 101 to 115 to avoid confusion between beds and cots.  Letter given to me by the office staff on September 07 was for bed #8 to see a housing case worker on September 08. Letter did not was for cot #8. So somebody used me as a replacement for bed #8 because my foldinng cot is #8. Something to think about. Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton Ontario L6T4X1.

memories from my past 2017-2022 when I lived in Hamilton before June 19 of 2022.

my mirror image taken in Hamilton Ontario inside my private shelter 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, my residence for over five years in Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3. Illegall forced entry and illegally occupied by the manger of rent receivers/management company of the building where this address was located on the upper floor. My selfie in Brampton in August 2022 Published by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 www

memories from past - Hamilton (2017-2022)

Published by  {Khalid Mahmood} In Brampton Ontario due to housing Emergency in Hamilton in June 19 of 2022

memories from my past when Iived in Hamilton Ontario for over five years before June 19 of 2022

Published by  {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590

Emergency Request to Air Canada on 09/29/2022 around 10h20 by {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220

Air Canada please issue a emergency ticket at zero dollars on this flight due to my emergency situation, I will pay the cost of the ticket after I get my pay cheque from my contracts work in Dammam. S.O.S emergency, Dire situation. Requested by {Khalid Mahmood} in Brampton Ontario on 09/29/2022 around 10h20 Published by: {KHALID MAHMOOD} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590

winter coat I used from 2018 to 2022 in Hamilton before I was forced out of my residence of over five years by illegal entry and illegal occupation. - After that incident I was in a shelter in Hamilton upuntill July 22 of 2022. Since July 22 of 2022 I live in Brampton referred to a shelter by 211 provincial service.

This was the winter coat used by { Khalid Mahmood} fromn2018 to 2022 bought from Talize in Hamilton. This winter coat was left behind in Hamilton along with other property due to a illegal occupation and illegal entry by the manger of rent receiver on June 19 of 2022. After that incident of June 19,  I was in a shelter in Hamilton upuntill July 22 of 2022. Since July 22 of 2022 I live in Brampton, referred to a shelter by 211 provincial service. Now I am using different winter coat made by V&D a Dutch company. Since winter coat shown above in the picture was not in my possession I bought another winter coat in Brampton in September,  also from Talize near Kennedy/Steeles. V&D company was on my way to Philips daily in 1981 in Eindhoven. Published by: {Khalid Mahmood} M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6599