bunk bed number 255 painted on the Bed frame and the locker number 259 on locker . so what was my bunk bed number (a system of deception)- Posted on May 04 of 2023

Locker # 259 vs Bunk bed number 255.
System of deception.
People looking inside while standing at the entrance of the room can't see the bunk bed number 255, but they can clearly see locker number 259 placed right next to the headboard side of the bunk bed. It gives wrong information. Bunk bed number 255 (along with locker number 255) was assigned to me after booking out of 319 in April of 2023. Locker 259 was placed at a wrong place in the room. It should not be there, it was blocking the windows as well. On the window side there should be only four lockers for four bunk beds, 255, 256, 257, 258. Additional lockers 259 and 260 should not be in that space. Column of lockers 259 and 260 is different design different looks. System of deception and misleading because it was place with irrelevant bunk bed. Locker 259 should be next to bunk bed number 259.

Bed check at the shelter is done late at night around 03h00am or 03h30 am. So what will be the reliability of the bed check information collected at night when they have this kind of deception around beds numbers and locker numbers. When do they report on locker number and when do they report on bunk bed number.

A shelter in Brampton was involved in such similar bed (folding cot) check issues at night. Once I was told in Brampton Shelter that  "you were not in the shelter at night", while I was sitting in a chair for few hours. I asked the staff to check the bed (folding cots) check list which showed I was present at bed (cot) check time, because I used to to talk the bed check staff or I used to stand by the folding bed.
Staff of the Shelter in Brampton was issuing frequent discharge notices to me in 2022 during Ng the period August to November of 2022.

Something to think about.

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