why this Weekly OCTranspo pass which was still valid for the week April 24 - May 01 got disabled in April 28 of 2023 around 11h30 in Kanata at 407 March Rd Stop bus route 63 bound for Tunney's Pasture.

Why this weekly pass got disabled far away from the down town in Kanata without any prior information. This is very disturbing, luckily I had a unused bus ticket which I used to get out of this unexpected situation. 
Happened on April 28 of 2023 around 13h20 at 407 March Rd Kavata Stop at Tim Hortons Location.
Could that be due a interference by the bus operator at that time to make it look like disabled or what ??. We need to investigate this incident of valid bus pass failure fully to get to the trouble makers (i.e. the terrorists).

I have documented on my website other similar instances when suddenly my bank/debit cards were disable for very small transactions like dollar/ two dollar transactions and without any misue report filed by me to the banks, at the time of  POS pin pad transactions, grocery check out lanes, to create a problem for me and to show to others around watching me do the transactions as if I had done something wrong. Not once or twice but many times. This was done to me during the period 2006 to 2021 when I was on OW social assistance program and no other source of income. This was done mainly to bring down or reduce my popularity to under rate my popularity within certain circles because of my past work and hardships I endured. These were efforts clearly to disqualify me from something which I was not aware of. This underrated overrated game was being played on my on a ordinary unemployed engineer, who was on OW social assistance program for a long time since April 2006, instead of helping me to get back to my employment status. This was a typical misuse of their power and authority to use for negative purpose not for positive purpose (keep in mind I am not a political opponent to any one, I am not a celebrity of any kind, I am just a ordinary person, immigrant citizen from a different land).

I wonder if these tickets and passes were reliable or given on purpose with hidden negative agenda (malicious intents), clearly hostile environments around me. I need to go back home immediately to safety back in Saudi Arabia. More details in my four page handwritten appeal document and on my website.


Something to think about.

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{Khalid Mahmood}
Ottawa Ontario Canada.


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