what is the meanings of a Fxxk KING - Posted April 26 of 2023 by {Khalid Mahmood} in Ottawa updated May 06 of 2023

During the past 20 years I heard this word "Fxxk King" many times. 
people whisper this word (Fxxk King), (Fxxk year) around me but no one talks to me about it, no one tells me what it means. Is it some thing socially unaceptable. I even tried to do some research through libraries in Ontario Canada, but there was no material available on this subject. 
Any information will be appreciated.

I am 66 plus years of age and by the end of the 2023 I will be of 67 years of age, In my opinion (and by my life experiences), there were some illiterate people who pass around vague and meaningless negative words such as {Fxxk King} or {One of Kind} etc. for circulation among less knowledgeable segments of the society with malicious intents and to cause/arounse hard feelings (and create scare) among communities against certain people (as a revenge of their own deficiencies and inabilities).

Sometimes people talk about things which normally happen as part of life but they use them to emotionally blackmail people to get benefits out of it by saying such lines. For example {we will all die} or {lot of people will die} or {lot of children will die} etc.,  life and death is normal in life, people are born every , also people die every day, but when such people say such words on certain occasions, ask them when will that happen, in the next five minutes or next five days or next five weeks or next five years or next 25 years. If lot of of people were going to die in the next five minutes than they should contact EMS or police for help. Children die every day for various reasons, such as infant morality, mal-nutrition, accidents, lack of care, lack of clean water, lack of health care etc. These are fearmongers who want to create a scare,  fear and panic among naive people by saying vague information which happens normally in life but nobody keeps on repeating them except such people to emotionally black mail ptople to extract benefits out of it.

Beware of such people and don't listen to them, question them what they were passing around, what they meant by it. Don't show obedience to such negative people in information channels, who steal information (in other words by spying) for negative purpose.

{Khalid Mahmood}
Ottawa Ontario Canada.


Technical Army said…
Although no one was able to explain and talk to me about it, I can comment on it myself.

That it takes nearly 30 to 40 years after completing the Engineering degree, to become Fxxk King . A very difficult task, not everybody can achieve this level.

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