A Reminder TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN/INTEREST - My height and weight in different units - Posted April 23 of 2023

I am under weight (less than 130 lbs) but I am not overweight as per my weight and height ratio, therefore I do not need to reduce my food intake, rather I must increase my food intake.


My height in four different units since 1980. (First time ever I needed to know my height was in Karachi in 1980 for my passport to travel to Eindhoven on student visa. I am not sure if my family doctors monitored my height before that, my vaccination was fully monitors on regular basis by my family doctors in Karachi Pakistan.)

165 centimeters equals

65 inches equals 165 centimeters 

equals 5 feet and 5 inches (5-5) equals 5.42 feet 

(Different units make the numbers look different but physically represent the same size).

(exception to this rule is Temperature -40 in C is same as -40 in F)

(Where C=Celcius and F=Fahrenheit)

Defeat the deceptions, defeat movie like illusions in real human life, dont be fooled by conartists, swindlers and crooks.

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