Wrong Question. or it may be a right question for those who use others luck for their benefits (i.e. leeches and parasites of the society who have no abilities other than bullyism). posted 03/30/2023

In my point of few, Everybody makes own or has own luck as established by the creator. So that should not be a question. Question should be how to stop people from playing GOD who destroy others luck, or block and delay luck. Society as a whole should look into these procrastinators who block, stop and delay others luck with negative intentions to cause harm i.e. malicious intents to benefit from it by political and politicians style negative propaganda about successful and honest people, by misinformation, disinformation, lies, character assassination, etc..by fear mongering against certain people etc. by tarnishing some one's past and present. In other words by such negatively motivated procrastinating techniques they induce death in people, they don't help them in their life but benefit after their death by becoming spiritual or virtual families and with false/fake relationships. (leeches and parasites).

{Khalid Mahmood}


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