Observations, experiences and suggestions posted January 07 of 2023 - Unacceptable governance and methods of ruling certain people.

Usually I use my deibt card for payments at the retail stores and for financial transactions which is contact less with the cashier.

Recently I noticed that when I use cash to make a payment at the POS cashier's finger tips come in contact with my finger. I am not sure if intentional or unintentional. I can speak for myself that I have no intentions to touch my finger tips with these people. Specially in hostile (for me it is) environments it may be interpreted wrongly.

I strongly suggest that for cash transactions to take money from customers or to return the change to the customers at the POS, retail stores and cashiers should use small trays to place the money on or use some other method for contact less cash transaction to avoid finger tip or long nails touching.

(Example: Like Brampton Transit uses trays for any transaction or some restaurants use tiny trays to place cash and receipts on, to return to customers).

Specially for smaller coins. i.e. a nickle is much smaller coin than a two dollar coin. It is more likely for finger tips to come in contact when giving/taking a nickle.

They should use small trays for this purpose, or put the money and receipt on counter or some other safe place.
Mom and pop corner stores may not be equipped or may not be trained to do business professionally but franchise businesses should behave professionally and provide safe and high standards of service.

This is hostile environment if they come up with negative interpretations of such unintentional contact.

Unacceptable governance and methods of ruling certain people (discrimination or class system).

Some thing to think about.

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