Rent amount listed as Shelter Cost on OW statements/stub. Posted 09/24/2022 updates 09/26/2022

Rent amount was listed as Shelter cost on OW Stub/Statement. Shelter cost which was paid to OW recipients on monthly basis does not refer to money payable to public shelters rather it refers to amount of money paid as rent to a landlord. Generally speaking any private place where humans live is some kind of a shelter from something/protection. Example a bus shelter etc. Another reason they call it shelter cost because it provides only basic housing not a fully equipped home, just as a temporary measure. But it does not imply cost for a public shelter, because when someone uses a public shelter due to a housing emergency is not required to pay to the shelter, although one can choose to donate something as a personal choice but not required by law.
Rented house is a private shelter not a public shelter.

My residence of over five years in Hamilton at 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton, Ontario L8V1V3 was my private shelter (or my household) which was operated and managed by myself for myself and I was paying the rent (i.e. the shelter cost) to use the space and utilities because my rent was all inclusive. 

(2-671 Fennell Ave. East was illegally occupied by unauthorized intruders/occupiers on June 19  of 2022, since that date I am in Public Shelters and I am not required to pay in public shelters. Public shelter are hotels/motels. Also during this time OW is not issuing me private shelter cost (aka rent). I am just waiting for a emergency ticket and a flight to leave from shelters and to go back to my past of before Canadian life).

In this public shelter Wilkinson Shelter in Brampton residents have their own unshared private space in the form of a bunk bed or folding cot or a locker. I have a folding cot and a locker which is my private space, no one else can use it, so  if I erect temporary walls/partitions around my folding cot and the locker it will become my private shelter (or apartment) where no one else can interfere same as was my 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton ON L8V1V3 where I rented and lived by myself for over five years and paid rent, after moving from Niagara Region in 2017. Before divorce I lived with children and before marriage I lived with parents but never in public shelters.

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