Difference between Impostors and Original Person

Scientifically every human has unique genes and bio metrics different from the others, but for a lay man there are simple indicators which can be used to differentiate between a Original person and a Impostor. Such as their profession, heritage, culture, mother language and other niche skills which can not be replicated and remain unique to the Original person.
One human can acquire several skills over life time which vary on individual's personal capacity.
For example an exceptional person might acquire n times y skill over life time. Impostors systems would divide the overall skills set of a original person by n and teach each skil to n different people to claim to be Original person or follower of the person in essence because of knowing a specific skill.

 Large number of Impostors can acquire those skills one by one and claim to be Original person based on one or two skills/qualities acquired i.e. in essence (or spiritually). This technique may work when Original person was not around to compare/verify the claim. But Originality can not be replaced by the Impostors. Because Original person can exhibit creativity that Impostors never thought of or never studied by stealing original information.

That technique that "you should believe us" would work for matters related to little children before a certain age such as school work, playing make belief etc., in other situations such as in adults matters this is a very weak and unreliable defence or technique. Or to say that "we are allowed to lie" is a childish defence, because children need such permission from elders.

Something to think about.

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