About my electronic resources/assetts such as my domain, my email addresses, my web profiles, my phone etc.

Please beware that my electronic assetts/resources  such as my domain m0168.org, any of my email addresses based on this domain are my personal assetts/resources, my phone number is my personal assett/resource, does not belong to any organization. Any thing I do in my personal capacity , in my personal time is my personal property and ownership belongs to me only, can not be claimed by any one else or any agency. My ID address where I live for the past 55 months is just my rental residence space/address, I pay rent to live at this address regardless of who uses my receipts because I pay my rent direct to receivers as a deduction from my monthly OW social assistance cheque. Activities and creativity done at a rental space/property does not belong to the owners of the building or rent recievers, like any business setup in a rental space/property does not belong to the management or building owner, Etc. So please be careful and don't be fooled by swindlers, illusionists and con artists. I was trapped to rent and live in such building with negative motivations by negatively motivated people.


Published by the undersigned:


خالد محمود ھملٹن اونٹاریو کینیڈا



2-671 Fennell Ave. East,

(Door#: 2 with curtain on the upper Floor)

Hamilton Ontario L8V 1V3 Canada

(correct postal code for my address as assigned by Canada Post is L8V1V3, it is NOT 3J3).

Monthly Tenant (in this building since 2017 May – 55 months in November 2021 – I was trapped to rent in such building, I did not ask for this address.)

A suggestion to the technical and Engineering Colleges/Universities to include some courses in their programme to prepare graduate students to learn to survive the shock and stress of govt. provided social assistance due to unemployment and unknown reasons, which I was never/not taught.


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