My recent observations about few retail businesses in Hamilton Ontario (not sure about other areas)

Retail businesses in Hamilton area are making a fool of customers by brining them back to the store by creating artificial situations such as two listed below:

1) factorydirect store in Hamilton sold a Motorola g⁷ play phone with a defective USB power/charging cable to me on Monday July 5th. It is impossible to check every item in the store, based on trust I bought it, just few hours later I found out it was not charging the battery of the phone. It was not worth going back to the store to talk about this issue, so I used my previous cable instead. 

Probably by this trick they want to show traffic of repeat customers.

2) A dry cleaners located inside mountain plaza at Upper James and Fennell strip mall , delayed my pant which was supposed to be ready today on wednesday july 14 of 2021, instead I was told to come back to the store on Friday the 16th which is very disturbing.

I told her politely I will pick it up at my convenience.
they just want to create a deception/illusion by showing me at their shop again and again.

Somebody should look into such behaviour of the retail businesses.

These are very low level and unethical practices which should be noted by the concerned authorities and prevent.

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