Income deceptiom (reproduced from my (precautionary notes on my website

On June 28 of 2021 it was disclosed to me that my CIBC bank profile shows me listed in the bank record as Unemployed with Income which makes no sense. People earn income from business or employment I have none of those sources so it is meaning less. I suggested that bank should add another category as Unemployed with Social assistance to make the profile information truthful and realistic. At present it is very deceptive and misleading to make a fool of those who do not understand the system and due to their simplicity and insufficient back ground believe such lies, form their opinion and make important decisions. I want to mention here that I am not OW staff, any money from OW would be income for OW staff. I am on social assistance delivered by OW in the province of Ontario so any money from OW is not income for me rather it is social assistance payment shown in my bank statement as pay (word payment is longer and takes more space on the statement so short word pay is used instead.)

Also it makes me think further, because "Unemployed" and "With Income" are two different categories so perhaps CIBC bank is combining two different individual's situatuin into one like given name and family name to make complete name. So according to a data entry clerck "Khalid" is unempmoyed but "Mahamood" has income so combine the two and it becomes "Khalid Mahmood" ==== "Unemployed + Income"   who knows , perhaps, may be !!!!.

My CIBC bank account is not joint, is individual account. However, magically when Khalid calls the bank, will be seen as "unemployed" and when "Mahmood" calls the bank will be seen as "has Income". Amazing system of splitting name, perhaps.

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