Attn: Wordpress and Titan - why my email messages were blocked (Queued) and not sent to destination box

Please refer the screenshot below. Why these messages were blocked and not sent out to tje destination box. who is or what is blocking these messages. Thanks, kindly treat this as urgent matter and romve blocks to keep communication channels open and free of obstruction. Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Attn: Google why email address is no longer monitored, Please consider to replace it with an active address - Thanks,


About Value Village retailer in Hamilton Ontario

Value village was found selling defective, untested and incomplete small appliances and including HST in the total price of the item. I bought a rice maker which was about half the price of a unused item, had no lid on it and did not function at home.  Very disappointing.  Now a days retail environments are so tense because of COVID related issues and other regulation that I decided not to return the item and considered the money I paid as donation. Value village should consider to improve on what they put on shelves. Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3


I discovered a new method of tieing shoe laces without loops, just whisker like knots, no need to tie the laces all the time because I use my shoes as without laces -

a convenient method of tieing shoe laces. Published by : Khalid Mahmood ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

My recent observations about few retail businesses in Hamilton Ontario (not sure about other areas)

Retail businesses in Hamilton area are making a fool of customers by brining them back to the store by creating artificial situations such as two listed below: 1) factorydirect store in Hamilton sold a Motorola g⁷ play phone with a defective USB power/charging cable to me on Monday July 5th. It is impossible to check every item in the store, based on trust I bought it, just few hours later I found out it was not charging the battery of the phone. It was not worth going back to the store to talk about this issue, so I used my previous cable instead.  Probably by this trick they want to show traffic of repeat customers. 2) A dry cleaners located inside mountain plaza at Upper James and Fennell strip mall , delayed my pant which was supposed to be ready today on wednesday july 14 of 2021, instead I was told to come back to the store on Friday the 16th which is very disturbing. I told her politely I will pick it up at my convenience. they just want to create a deception/illusion by showing

Very disappoiting and unfriedly Service by Mountain Plaza dry cleaners (alterations shop).

My dry cleaned pant was NOT ready as per the date given to me by the mountain plaza dry cleaners. I asked the shop why ? I was tild they send it somewhere else. Bad management. I used this service in 2017 and still is as bad as before no improvement. it was given to the mountain plaza dry cleaners on Monday. very disappointing and bad service. published by KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3