OW monthly envelope for July not yet received on June 30 of 2021 at 11h45 AM

July 2021 Monthly envelope from OW not yet received. Why? who is holding it or who is using it. If anyone is seen using my monthly OW envelope must be reported to me immediately. There is no use holding it or stealing it because I can obtain the same information from IVR. thanks, KHALID MAHMOOD (KM) 2-671 Fennell Ave. East, Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Canada

Please stop using my email - No such payment made by me

Rent paid direct to the receivers so why Oliver wants to talk to me about rent on Friday.

my rent is paid direct, so why iver wants to talk to me about rent ?? He (Oliver) was seen outside the building in the driving seat of the maroon color car stopped in the back alley of the building at the back corner. He spoke to me on July 13 of 2021 around 12h15 PM when I used the back alley metal door to loop around and back upstairs through the front side glass door entrance of 671. Shabby boy Earl was seen talking to Oliver from the passenger side. Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Attention Microsoft :: what is this message, I have no such account - Please update your records.

Why microsoft is invloved in my email, I have NO such logins with microsoft, Please update your records. thanks, Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Regarding updates on my website

 My publishing setup/phone is not yet fully restored, work is in progress. My previous postings on my website for the month of July are still valid and reflect on my current situation and my plan to fix my life. Thank you, Khalid Mahmood (KM) Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3

Technical issues July 02 of 2021

 My website is having some technical issues due to which updates and new publishing is not happening. Soon it will be fixed. Published by: KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario L8V1V3 Published by KM KHALID MAHMOOD ( Hamilton Ontario Canada L8V1V3